Our Aim

      Manak Analytics & Developmentwas founded in July 2019 by Prashant Srivastava.We deal with           Big Data Analytics,Data Science,Digital Marketing,Web & Mobile Applications Development.

      Our Aim is to make technology at fingertips for every organizations because we believe that                    technology can give far better results than old Process.We Integrate Data & Technology to make               business process more profitable and easiest to run and with the help of Digitalization method we             simulate your products to maximum number of Eyeball.

  About Founder

     A boy from a small town with a very creative blend of his mind with the crystalline viewpoint in            analytics and technology, he is a graduate computer science guy and Master In Advanced Digital             Marketing.

     He has Experience of almost 2 year in Web and Mobile Application Development and Data Science.

     His area of specialization is in Education Analytics,Financial Analytics,Retail Analytics,Hospitality
     Analytics,Logistic Analytics and Consumer Analytics as well as Web and Mobile Application Development
     On Various Programming languages.

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