Data analytics is being effectively used to access the students performance and helping teachers in the classroom for adopting an adaptive teaching policy for their students. Teachers have always been involved in dealing with collecting data since the earlier times.From collecting marks, attendance to analysing every student during the result day,they have been attached to data even the advent of complex technology was not popular.

In many organisations, schools and colleges,teachers have an unmanageable student-related data to handle.Each of the students has a distinct set of qualities and learning abilities and even wider range of socio-economic backgrounds.The teacher also has to figure out what data must be collected for a particular teaching policy, as that is one of the major pillars in developing study plans.

The education system in India is very biased.It has a common structure for every kind of student in the class when each student has a different learning capability.Everyone is subject to the curriculum that is meant for one kind of a group, but not every student has the same potential to study.The study system is not personalised to the potential and need of every individual student.