FMCG(Retails & Consumer Goods)


FMCG(Retails & Consumer Goods)

Manak Data Analytics services for the Retail and Consumer Goods industry covers customer acquisition, loyalty and retention, customer life time value, customer experience, demand forecasting, inventory, supply chain and logistics management, merchandizing and sourcing strategies, channel optimization, asset utilization, pricing & offer optimization, labor optimization and store profitability analysis to help organization improve customer loyalty, minimize operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and maximize profitability.

At every stage of this journey from manufacturing to delivery to marketing and sales, an FMCG company faces several challenges in decision making and the only resource that can be relied upon is data.From day one of inception,the company starts collecting data in the form of POS data,customer demographic data,market research data,promotional campaign data,finance data, Twitter data,Facebook data, weather data and the list goes on.This data is often noisy, unstructured, scattered and available in different formats.How does a company make use of this data to create action items that not only cater to the present situation but also plan for future? The solution is Data Science and Machine Learning.

How Manank Process Analytics Into FMCG Sector?

Demand & Sales Forecasting

Inventory Planning & Replenishment

Store Profitability & Loss Prevention

Location and Layout Optimiztion

Cross Sell Analysis