Transportation & Logistics


Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies operate in a complex market.Travelers expect top-notch customer service and transactions via mobile devices,and new competitors are constantly challenging the traditional way of doing business.To effectively compete in this industry, the Intelligent Enterprise improves operations,distribution and fleet management with data analytics to navigate changes in costs, market consolidation,and global competition

The transportation industry has been experiencing unprecedented amounts of data captured from different sources such as on-board sensors and data collection points introduced by passenger counting systems,vehicle location systems,ticketing and fare collection systems,and scheduling and asset management systems.Existing data warehouses contain unprecedented potential for deriving insights into planning and managing transportation networks.

How Manak Process Analytics Into Transportation & Logistics Sector?

Inventory Management & Capacity Optimization.

Freight movement and routing optimization.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Increased Safety.

Optimized Transit schedules by predicting impact of maintenance, road-works, congestion & accidents.